Where’s your social media manager?

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October 11, 2010 – Ever wonder just who updates the social media profiles for big name companies like Taco Bell or Nike? It’s true that large corporations generally have a dedicated team monitoring their social networking profiles. This is a luxury that many small businesses can’t afford, but they don’t need to!

Your social media manager can be as close as your own office staff if you take the time to evaluate their Internet marketing prowess.
Chances are, most of your staff manages a social networking profile of their own (some may have several). But just having a Twitter account doesn’t make you a social media marketing genius.


Your average employee may be a social media manager in hiding!

For small businesses looking to break into the social networking scene it’s best to pick the brains of your staff to see if anyone’s interested and savvy enough to handle the job of social media marketing. A Farmville-addicted secretary may not be your answer, but the stock boy who helps promote his brother’s band with Facebook Ads could be your next Internet marketing intern.

Use your internal resources to locate an existing employee who has the drive and know-how to develop a social media plan. Of course, unless you have a person already on staff for marketing, it’s rare to find someone with marketing experience that’s not already doing that job.

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