Why Mobile Websites Matter for Your Attorney Marketing

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Every successful business professional understands the value of going where the customers are. This is why so many attorneys and law firms use targeted online marketing services and SEO websites. But like anything with marketing; complacency breeds failure.

More and more, Internet users rely on web browsing with handheld devices and tablets. You may be missing out on potential leads and revenue if your content is not accessible or easy-to-use on these platforms.

What are mobile websites and how do they differ from “regular” sites?

When browsing the web on your iPhone or Android, you likely encounter sites that offer you the option of using the mobile site versus the full site. This is because mobile users have different needs than desktop users.

A mobile website is one that has been optimized for use on a handheld device like a smartphone, iPhone, tablet, or similar device. When creating a mobile website, the designer and developer will focus on creating a user interface that is conducive to mobile use. This may mean:

  • larger buttons;
  • larger font; and
  • simplified navigation.

Most of these mobile features make it easier for the consumer to navigate and read a website on a small screen. Space is limited on mobile devices. As such, there is much value placed on highlighting only the most important aspects of a website. For your attorney website, this may include the kinds of cases you handle, how to contact your firm, and other critical content.

Why You Should Factor Mobile into Your Attorney Marketing Plans

As an attorney with a successful online marketing plan, you need to be where the action is. Increasingly, that means mobile. Users want answers – to questions like, “What do I do after a car accident?” or “Who’s the best child custody attorney in Portland?” – at their fingertips and with the swipe of their thumb.

Mobile Internet use has surged in recent years. It accounted for over 17 percent of Internet traffic as of July 2013, according to data from StatCounter Global Stats. Meanwhile, according to Google’s Our Mobile Planet report in 2012, as many as 35 percent of mobile users completed a purchase via smartphone,. These numbers will only increase.

Mobile web design is a relatively young market. Users are still figuring out what to expect from businesses and professionals. Now is an ideal time to tap into the marketing opportunities afforded by creating a mobile website. Get out in front of the competition with a mobile website or risk playing catch-up.

How an Attorney’s Mobile Web Site Should Look and Operate

Work with your design/SEO/development team to create a mobile site that is simple and clean. A simple design will make it easy for users to navigate and connect with your legal services.

Be conscious that your mobile site remains in line with your existing brand and attorney marketing efforts. Desktop and mobile users aren’t mutually exclusive. Your websites should complement one another and feature the same design principles, theme, message, and user experience.

Bear in mind that optimized content is as important for mobile sites as it is for the more traditional lawyer websites, and content remains king.

Mobile Applications (Apps): Another Factor to Consider

Mobile websites aren’t the only tool to consider. Mobile applications – a.k.a. apps – are another avenue to reach potential clients. Consider working with an SEO/marketing/development team to develop and promote a mobile application that can serve as a marketing tool. This may be an application that offers free car safety advice (for example, guidelines on how to drive during inclement weather or safely change a tire) or tips on what to bring to an initial appointment with an attorney.

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