Will Twitter Own “Tweet”?

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July 2, 2009 – (via LA Times) Social media network Twitter is trying to trademark the word “Tweet“. The popular micro-blogging service submitted an official application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in April, but many experts believe the idea of trademarking a word as common as Tweet may be close to impossible, or that the term has already become so ingrained in the common vernacular that a trademark would be moot.

In a recent blog post, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone defended the move by writing, “We have applied to trademark Tweet because it is clearly attached to Twitter from a brand perspective, but we have no intention of ‘going after’ the wonderful applications and services that use the word in their name when associated with Twitter.”

When news of Twitter’s move to trademark Tweet first came to light many developers feared it was a move to control some of the successful third-party applications that use Tweet in their title including TweetDeck, BackTweets, and TweetMeme, among many many others.

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