Without Relevant Content SEO Searches Suffer

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A new report published by [ x+1], an online search solutions company, titled “Search Engine Marketing in 2009: REality Not Matching Expectations When it Comes to Performance,” details a growing problem with the SEO industry — the idea that just driving traffic to a website is enough.

For a long time SEO and SEM experts tended to fall into one of two categories, those who focused soley on back-end search engine optimization and paid search ads that led to increased Web traffic and the other half that realized once you got online users to a website, you needed to provide organic SEO content to engage them with.

According to the new report, the group who focuses solely on paid search and driving Web traffic might end up costing the SEO industry millions in the long run. Of course business owners want their paid search and search engine rankings to drive traffic, but once the customer clicks on a Web page, they aren’t going to stay very long if there isn’t fresh, relevant content waiting for them.

Laurie Sullivan on Mediapost writes that the idea of “it’s not my job”, referring to companies who don’t think they need to focus on content as they drive Web traffic, is causing more companies to become dissatisfied with their SEO service companies. Successful companies (both SEO experts and every other industry) need to integrate search and content to not only get customers through the door but ultimately convert them into customers.

If you’re only doing half the job, the job isn’t done.

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