Wording Your SEO Content

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September 28, 2009 – As we’ve discussed in previous posts about SEO content for lawyers, the content for legal websites needs to satisfy several requirements including making use of strategically placed keywords and providing relevant information about your practice areas.

The wording of course for any piece of web content is imperative, but for lawyers the trick is focusing on providing information with a call to action for your specific services and not focusing on selling your services with minimal information about the actual topic at hand.

Focus on Your Audience

The web content development for any website should be created with the audience in mind. Internet users aren’t visiting your website to get a sales pitch, they are looking for valid information that will in turn help them make an educated decision about whether or not to seek legal action for their specific circumstances. Great web content provides relevant information about a topic and includes short, expertly worded calls to action for the readers to contact you for more information, set up an appointment, and so on. Content that predominantly focuses on you reads like an advertisement, which then causes the reader to go to another website to find the information they were looking for to begin with.

Remember, when it comes to SEO content:

  • focus on the reader
  • include calls to actions that do not dominate the article
  • provide relevant, quality content that contains helpful information on the topic
  • don’t create content that purely sells, let your expertise do the selling for you!

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