Writing a Press Release to Take Advantage of Hot News Topics

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When you read business news articles and headlining stories one of the common sources of information is a press release. Businesses that make big changes, annual company financial reports, monumental changes in legislation – they’re all publicized by writing a press release and submitting it to the media syndication channels.

One part of business marketing is ensuring your law firm is getting its name out as an authority on your area of law. You want your name to become synonymous with the practice areas you handle, and writing press releases is a good way to increase recognition.

Writing a Press Release Based on Current News

You need a topic worthy of mass media consumption to write a good press release. Typically, press releases from businesses are about profits, mergers, new products – but what about law firms? You don’t have shareholders to whom you need to announce financial reports, and you may not be experiencing major restructuring or moves that would make headlines, so what kind of press do you release?

When big news occurs elsewhere in the world, your law firm can often jump on the buzz bandwagon. For example, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional is a hot topic for immigration, estate, and family law attorneys in states where same-sex marriage is legal.

Attorneys in these areas of law should take notice of the trending of the DOMA topic and make a press release a part of their business marketing strategy this week. There are sure to be many more instances of same-sex couples seeking help with citizenship for spouses, protecting spousal benefits in a will or trust, and determining alimony in same-sex divorce cases now that the federal laws have changed. A savvy attorney who takes cases such as these would benefit from writing a press release that mentions how the DOMA decision will impact their area of law and how their firm is acting to help.

Remember the Rules of Press Releases

A press release may be a business marketing tool, but it’s important to remember that it’s forbusiness. When writing a press release you must make sure you keep it to strictly facts and save the marketing pitch to the end, if you even have a pitch. In most press releases, there is no call to action, instead there is a closer that identifies the business that produced the release, their purpose, and any applicable contact information aside from the media contact listed at the top.

You also must refrain from expressing a personal opinion in your press release. Even if you are the sole attorney at your law firm that carries your name, you are writing on behalf of the firm, not as yourself. Press releases are designed to produce content that is factual and able to be referenced or quoted by the news media. The goal of writing a press release for your law firm is to have your words used to substantiate other articles and news stories on the topic at hand.

Writing a press release for your law firm can be daunting – there’s formatting, knowing how to distribute and promote the release, and how to work it into your marketing plan. We Do Web Content is here to take care of all that for you! Contact us today to learn about our business marketing strategies for all types of professionals. 888-521-3880.