Yahoo Ending Search Submit to Focus on Content

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October 20, 2009 – Yahoo is ending its paid inclusion programs, Search Submit Basic and Search Submit Pro in an effort to change the company’s focus to display advertising and content.

The notice, which was just released by Yahoo, states that the paid inclusion programs will end on Dec 31, giving marketers time to adjust their search marketing strategies to focus on optimizing their content instead of relying on Search Submit to get their web pages indexed more quickly by the search engine. The programs were originally designed to allow paid subscribers to submit their pages directly to Yahoo for priority indexing instead of waiting for the search engine to schedule their own crawl, a process that roughly occurs every week or so.

This move is viewed by some as a sign that will Yahoo to eventually adopt Bing as their organic search provider, but according to Yahoo, the ending of the search inclusion programs will allow Yahoo to focus their efforts on improving organic search, ad targeting, and the creation of their own quality web content.

For marketers and web developers, the end of these programs stresses the need for more search engine optimized content that will allow them to rank highly in the top search engine results for their most important keywords without relying on the paid short-cut program to index their pages faster.

Until this point, Yahoo was the only major search engine to offer such a feature and it remains unclear if a third-party developer would or could create a similar independent program, but without a backing of an actual search engine, that seems unlikely.

For now, the best search engine placement strategy would be a focus on search engine optimized content that is tailored to a business’s target audience and naturally infuses keywords and phrases with relevant and engaging web copy.
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