Yahoo! Rebrands, New Focus is You

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September 23, 2009 – Yahoo revealed their new $100 million plus rebranding campaign this week that aims to revolve around their users’ favorites subjects…themselves. The new Yahoo tagline, “It’s You!” is the next time in the personalization of Yahoo into more than just a search engine.

The “It’s You!” tagline was first reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this week, but Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had announced the company’s new directive to investors in June. The official US launch for the very expensive rebranding effort will kick off on Sept 28. The UK and India will get to see the new Yahoo on Oct 5th, while other countries including France, Brazil, Canada, and Taiwan will have to wait until 2010.

While the slogan is simple, this massive rebranding effort certainly is not. The newly redesigned search page now looks strikingly similar to Bing and contains a series of customizable applications to improve users’ unique experiences. Other updates Yahoo has in store include new or improved features for Yahoo Mail, messenger, and their mobile platforms.

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