Yahoo! Toys with New Local Look and Features

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December 7, 2010 – Even though Yahoo! may be lingering behind Google and Bing in the search engine popularity contest it’s still one of the main Internet sources for local search and information. In an effort to keep its hold on the local search market, Yahoo! has unveiled a new look to its Yahoo!Local page, as well as new content.


A preview of the new look – Twitter design much?

Right now, they’re only testing the new features in select cities like San Francisco. The new look mimics how popular social media sites do their newsfeeds, so local business listings are shown in a post-style listing rather than a boring text directory. The feed seems to come mainly from Yahoo! itself, with movie times, news relevant to the area, and other tidbits from their other services. These Yahoo! posts are mingled with local businesses posting their special events or deals.

Unfortunately, a search from the page brings you right back to normal Yahoo! search, and you have to actually click Local to get anything useful. It seems the new beta is more about discovering new things rather than finding specific needs.

If Yahoo! sticks to this model and rolls it out nationally, how will this impact your business’ local search? For starters, you may need to treat these new features much like your existing social media. It looks like they’re going for promoting businesses that interact with their profile to post news, events, and deals.

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