Yahoo’s Struggle to Maintain Popularity

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September 22, 2010 – In an attempt to regain some of its footing in the search engine world, Yahoo announced it’s got a bunch of new tricks up its sleeve for the coming fall.

Just as primetime TV is revving up for the fall season, so is the Yahoo website which is putting a focus on content integration as its main attraction. A new site design is slated to not only play nice with popular social media features like Twitter, but also adapt to a wide variety of Internet devices such as smartphones and the iPad.

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Remember how Yahoo! looks now in September 2010, it may change within the end of the year!

The search engine, Yahoo’s main staple of existence, is also getting a redesign with an accordion-like rollout style that lets you expand broad terms like “country music” into more specific search queries. It also sounds like the search results will segregate based on media type (Tweets, videos, news articles, etc.) – something Google did months ago.

While Yahoo did hand off its search and paid-search advertising to Microsoft’s Bing a few months ago, Yahoo execs say that this will let their engineers focus on “the next generation of search” rather than crawling pages and indexing links. The senior VP of search products, Shashi Seth, boasts that in 3 years Yahoo will completely change the landscape for search and content.

With these announcements, along with the Bing partnership deal, Yahoo’s market share has been enjoying some healthy revival with positive gains 2 months in a row. Taking advantage of the newfound power of cloud computing, as well as the increasing popularity of social media-supported targeted advertising, Yahoo may just be rising from the near-ashes for a glorious rebirth.

Time will tell whether or not Yahoo’s new announced features really do what they promise, or if the company returns to 3rd rank behind Google and Bing. As each search engine is unique, you need to pay attention to your SEO on all the major platforms, not just focus on Google.Luckily, the big 3 analyze websites fairly similarly so you don’t need to worry about specializing 3 websites to catch all your potential search hits!

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