Your Archives Are a Clue to Your Writing Evolution

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April 27, 2011 – So you’ve decided it’s time to get organized and start a new, uniform look to your content. To help save yourself some time, look to the past to see where to begin.

Your archives are a great tool to use when you’re looking to develop a uniform content design and style
. You can go back through months, even years, of old content and see where your successes and failures exist. As you review your old content, pick out a few of the shining successes and see what common trends those articles and blogs had.

These triumphs can be great jumping-off points for developing your new content style. Once you decide on a new direction for making your content into a collective of uniform articles and blogs, you can not only use this guide to develop your new content, but you can also take time to go back and revamp some of those older awesome articles.

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