Your Attorney Web Content May Blossom In Certain Seasons

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Did you know attorney web content may have a season for peak freshness? You may not think that the legal profession has many highs and lows based on the time of year, but if you look at your web content over a period of time you may be surprised.

Content for lawyers in certain fields can be seasonal, and if you structure your content plan correctly and focus on delivering timely content that your clients want, it can be a great advantage to your attorney web content marketing.

Let Your Personal Attorney Web Content Get Seasonal

Personal injury lawyers typically deal with local clients. The seasonal trends in your state can factor in to what type of cases you will be dealing with throughout the year. An example can be found in the case of injury attorneys in the northern states, where snowy or icy winters are common.

When cold weather leads to icy roads, blizzards, and winter recreation, certain types of accident cases often become more prevalent. You may see more car accidents due to drivers who are negligent in exercising winter driving precautions or more injuries caused by faulty snowmobiles or personal heaters. For law firms in snowy states, some of the content for your lawyers’ blogs and articles might focus on these winter weather injury topics.

Seasonal web content isn’t all about weather, or personal injury for that matter. Almost any practice area can benefit from seasonally-specific content with the right information. Take family law – did you know that most divorces occur in January than any other month? Cathy Meyer, a certified divorce consultant, told YourTango, “January consistently sees the most divorce filings,” and it is believed that spouses considering divorce may avoid the subject until after the holidays.

The Benefits of Seasonal Content for Lawyers

When your regularly scheduled web content focuses on topics that are important to your clients at a specific time – and you promote it at appropriate times of the year – it can generate more traffic and more potential leads.

Utilizing seasonal content isn’t rocket science – it’s merely another focus of your target audience analyses. If you know your ideal clients are motorcycle fanatics that may need you if they get into a motorcycle accident, you might start focus some of your summer web content on riding tips and crash information.

At We Do Web Content, our content managers create monthly attorney web content topic plans that incorporate appropriate seasonal topics. The December web content for a Colorado personal injury attorney can be drastically different than that of a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney, for example. To learn more about how we can improve your website’s article library, fill out our contact form to speak with our sales manager about all of the services we offer to help grow your business through Internet and SEO marketing: 888-594-5442.