Your Blog Should Be in Pictures or At Least Have Them

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When you scroll through your Facebook news feed what catches your eye? If you answered “pictures” you’re among the majority of Facebook users that pay more attention to photos than words.

Don’t believe us? Check out some of these facts from Hubspot and AllFacebook:

  • Photos on Facebook Pages receive an average 53 percent more likes than a plain text or link post.
  • Photo posts attract 104 percent more comments.
  • Posts that include photos generate 120 percent more engagement.
  • Link posts with photo thumbnails receive 84 percent more click-thrus than just text and links.

That last point is important! If you’re syndicating your blog to your social media profiles you need to utilize the power of pictures! Here’s a simple example, this is a thumbnail of the infographic that provided those statistics (and more!) courtesy of Wishpond.


Getting Pictures into Your Blog

Nearly every blog platform has support for inserting pictures into your blog posts. The trick to putting pictures in your blog is proper sizing and of course, the actual picture content.

Size does matter; you need to make sure the image is resized to fit within your blog content space or it’ll look very unattractive on your page. If it’s an image you want people to see in detail, like an infographic, post a thumbnail first and have it link to the full size image on your website’s media directory (exactly what we did above!).

As for where to get your images, don’t just go grabbing any image off the Internet. There are rules over when you can and can’t use photos that are produced by other people. There are plenty of free stock photo websites (our favorite is stock.xchng), and there are also plenty of paid ones (we useiStockPhoto).

Whenever you use a photo, you either need to make sure it’s marked as free to use, or that you paid for it from a legitimate photo service. This means no Google image searches – find it free, buy it, or take your own!

With Photos, Content is Still King!

Now to the real important part – what kind of pictures should you feature? Well, that all depends on your blog topic. Relevancy is important – most of the time. There are some instances where you’ll have a topic that just doesn’t correlate to a specific image, and that’s okay; it’s time to get creative!

Your blog images don’t ALWAYS have to be related to the topic, sometimes it’s a little marketing trick to post something unrelated to generate interest. Just as you can segue an unrelated news event into your blog topic (like we did last week with the Oscars), you can do the same with pictures. Just make sure you can form some sort of connection between your article on insurance adjusters and the photo of a giraffe you posted within the content!

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