Your Clients’ Content Can Build Your Own Content

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November 17, 2011 – Yesterday we discussed the gray area of “newsjacking,” which can be a boon or a blemish to your blog content depending on how you use it.

Today we’re going to delve a bit more into targeting your content to your clients, since that’s a big factor in making newsjacking work for your content.

When you’re sharing content beyond your actual business’ news, you need to first be aware of what kind of content interests your client. While there have been numerous large-scale, professional studies performed to obtain this kind of information, you can perform this analysis yourself with your existing social media connections!

Start paying attention to the type of content your current clients share on their Facebook and Twitter streams. If they’re focused on linking to local news stories about concerns in your community, you may want to start paying attention to these kinds of news pieces, too. If there are a lot of sports fans among your clientele, it may be time to start posting your opinions about the latest games.


There are some topics that are generally safe to comment on, as long as you don’t get too overzealous in your opinions. Positive news like local sports scores, community improvements, residential news, and the like all help build a community connection and show you’re involved in the betterment of your area.

Another great way to utilize your Facebook fans is to feature them! You’re probably friends with some other local business owners, maybe even some of your city authorities. If they’ve got an interesting story going on with their Facebook page (like an article they wrote or were featured in), why not share it? It’s a great relationship builder and adds some fresh content to your page!

You can make a celebrity out of your fans, too, and that’s a topic for discussion later. For now, we’ll leave you with an update on our Fan Can Contest, which resulted in a whopping 104 new fans – welcome to our page! This means we’ll be gathering 103 canned goods this weekend to bring over to the Million Meals Committee next week, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Thanks to all our current fans and new faces for inspiring us to donate to our local food bank – remember that you can do so in your community, too, and make it a happy and food-filled holiday for a needy family!

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