Your Clients Have Questions – Answer Them!

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We call web searches “queries” because users are asking search engines to find them relevant information. Google is where lots of people go when they need answers – and if your business has the right content, you’ll be that answer!

Think About How Users Search

If you monitored your daily search habits you may find yourself typing in actual questions to Google’s query bar. A web search may be a simple keyword set like “super bowl 2013 winner” or it may be formed in a question like, “who won the 2013 super bowl?”

Google doesn’t need a request to be formed into a question; it doesn’t even need the question mark to know the user is searching for an answer. All it needs are the keywords “super bowl” “2013” “winner/won” to determine that the user wants to know that the Baltimore Ravens won the 2013 Super Bowl.

Become the Answer to Your Clients’ Frequently Asked Questions

Every industry has common questions that clients and customers ask on a regular basis. Good business owners save themselves time by answering these queries on a Frequently Asked Questions page – and smart business owners optimize these answers for maximum performance in search results!

Even when users aren’t searching in question format, they are often more attracted to search results that are titled in the form of a question. A search for “car accident liability” may turn up page titles like, “How do I prove car accident liability?” If that was the user’s question, that result has a higher likelihood of being chosen as the first result for an answer.

Notice how the query was a key phrase, and not an actual question. This signifies the importance of SEO within your frequently asked questions content. An FAQ page shouldn’t just be short snippets to answer a question; answers should be full of authoritative content.

When you see a short, one-sentence answer to an important question, does that inspire trust and integrity? No.

The important, common questions for your business deserve more than a short answer; they need full, SEO content to support your authority as an answer to that question. Statistics, citations, and expert quotes can all be utilized in optimizing your FAQs for maximum authority and relevance.

Gain Clients’ Trust by Being the Answer to Their Questions

Your clients are searching for specific needs related to your business – and you have to be ready to provide! With a robust FAQ library you can be the answer to the most common questions and branch out into the more niche queries as time goes on. This authority-building strategy is one that can be more easily accomplished with the web writing team at We Do Web Content!

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