Your Existing Content is a Blueprint for Your Style

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Blog Series: Writing Your Own Style Guide

May 24, 2011 
– If you have existing content you want to reorganize into a consistent style you’ll want to develop a style guide. Thankfully, if you have existing content, some of the work may already be done for you.

Unless you’re in the mood to do a total remodel of your website, chances are you just need to go in and tweak your existing content to get a consistent style established for future work. The great thing is, if you’ve already got content on your website or blog, you’ve already got a few ideas on how you want your ultimate style to look like.

Take the time to flip through a few pieces of your old content and see which style elements really worked well for you. Pick out the best elements and use those to establish a uniform style for all similar pieces. For example, if you’re planning on a series of articles highlighting various car accident injuries you may want to create a section in your style guide for formatting this specific article type.

Modeling your content style elements after existing successful content will help you create a successful style to be used for all future content in that category. While reinventing your website can be good in some cases, sometimes the tried and true of the past is the way to go for your future.


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