Your Facebook Like Button and Web Stats

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October 20, 2010 – In April, websites gained the ability to allow users to “Like” their page and announce this appreciation on their Facebook profile. Now that the feature has been around for 6 months it’s time to take a look at how well it’s doing for businesses.


Do you have a like button?

Facebook’s Developer Network Insights team ran some analysis on the Like Button feature and found that on average, a user that “likes” your website article has more than double the amount of friends that the typical Facebook user does. Your “likers” are also 5x more likely to click on a link to an external website from your Facebook page.

News giants like ABC News reported that their traffic on hot topic news articles soared 190% after the Like Button was introduced. Many similar news hubs like Gawker and have reported that Facebook shot up the charts to become one of their top referral sources for outside Web traffic.

The Facebook Like Button basically works as an announcement to all of a user’s friends that they find your article interesting enough to warrant a click of approval. This single click results in the link to your website being shown on their friends’ newsfeeds, which may result in 100s of new eyes seeing your content.

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching out to new, unlikely clients. If you’re a Facebook user, think about how often you’ve clicked on links posted by friends or checked out things they “liked” only to discover a new “like” of your own. Now consider that adding a Like Button to your articles could have people doing the same with your content!

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