Your Page Title is Your First Impression for SEO Success

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Head over to Google and perform a search for anything – what’s the first thing you see? A link, of course, but that link is anchored to a special part of your web content known as a page title, better known as your first step toward great SEO content. If you’re not utilizing the page title to its best advantages you’re missing out on critical components of your overall SEO content strategy.

Your page title should include at least one of the keywords or phrases you’ll be targeting in the main part of your SEO content while still making sure it makes sense. A page title should work keywords in to make a sensible title for the content that it links to. For example:

  • Strong First Impressions with SEO | SEO Copywriting Services
  • Building a Great Marketing Campaign | SEO Marketing Tips
  • Fun Friday: We Do Web Content’s Best Gifts For Lawyers
  • Link Building Strategies – 10 Tips Series – We Do Web Content

From these page titles you can get a good idea of what type of content to expect if you click on those search results. We also capture some great keywords (highlighted in bold).

Page titles are just the first step in optimizing your web text for the best performance on search rankings. If all of this has you worried about the time and effort it would take to clean up and fix your page title strategy don’t fret! Let We Do Web Content take the task off your plate so you can focus on your business!

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