Your Personal Injury Marketing Needs To Speak To The Right Audience

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Web content for personal injury marketing needs to speak to the right audience. Are you speaking to the victim or the victim’s family in your articles? In many cases of catastrophic injury the victim will be unable to search for an attorney, and it’s most often the family of the victim that’s looking for your content.

When web writing about your services as a personal injury law firm you need to keep in mind who you are talking to and ensure your content is written in the proper tone and person.

Second vs. Third Person in Legal Web Content

Part of a good personal injury marketing campaign is knowing your target audience. If you’re a personal injury attorney you are dealing with catastrophic, often fatal accidents – injury or death claims in these cases are typically filed by family members and not the victims themselves.

When you begin writing content it’s important to distinguish the difference between writing in second person and third person.

Second person is when you address the reader directly. This style of writing may establish a feeling of authority. You (the attorney) are telling the victim or their family about their situation and what to do.

Third person is generally a safe bet when it comes to legal content. It is a generalized style of writing that uses phrases like “a victim” or “the patient” instead of directly identifying personal pronouns. The reason third person is favored for personal injury marketing content is because most likely the victim is seriously injured, probably in the hospital, and is solely thinking about recovery. It’s most likely that their loved ones are the ones looking up information, whether or not they have a case, and if they should hire a lawyer.

Consider Your Audience’s State of Mind

When writing content about fatal accidents and wrongful death it is extremely important that you remember you are writing to families who have just suffered the tragic loss of a loved one.

Web writing about your services as a wrongful death attorney should take a compassionate tone but not overly emotional. Instead of approaching the reader with filler statements such as, “we know this is a difficult time” – instead, assure them that they have your law firm for help:

“The Smith & Smith Law Firm can help you during this difficult time. We strive to ease your mind during your free consultation where our dedicated wrongful death attorneys explain your rights and options to file a claim against the parties responsible for your loved one’s death.”

The goal of personal injury marketing is to give your audience what they’re looking for and show them that by contacting your office they’ll get even more personalized information. We Do Web Content’s web writing services help law firms get the most out of their personal injury marketing strategies.Contact us today for a free consultation about your web content potential! Call 888-521-3880.