Your Tweets Can Now Make The Bing News

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March 28, 2011 – Ever wanted to have your own Twitter stream? If you’re a trending topic, you just might have one already when clients search your name on Bing!

If the Library of Congress archiving tweets wasn’t enough, Bing’s turning your Twitter updates into a live newsfeed on the News filter of their main search. It’s not even based off of Twitter hashtags, it’s grabbing any mention of your search terms just like a normal web page search.

Here’s how it works: pick a keyword or phrase and pop it into the Bing search box. Click the News filter at the top of the results page and you’ll see the web results in the middle, but also now a category on the lower right called “Public Updates” This is a constantly updating roll of tweets that mention your search term. You can pause, click usernames, retweet, or choose from several other features in this area.

Click on the Public Updates link and it takes you to Bing Social, which is a giant rolling Twitter stream on your search. As you can see from our example below, tiny giraffes are all the rage right now!


So how does this apply to your social media marketing? This new search enhancement lets you see just how popular certain keywords are on the Internet in a whole new way. Here’s a scenario to ponder:

You’re a personal injury attorney. Recently there’s been a fatal car accident at a popular intersection. This area is notorious for car accidents and injuries, yet the local government hasn’t done anything about increasing safety. You do a Bing Social search for the intersection or neighborhood name and see what local twitter users are saying about it.

Now you know what your potential local clients’ opinions are on the matter. You can use this information to not only pinpoint new keywords, but also as fodder for a relevant blog post discussing the concerns about this area and what local citizens can do to help promote safety improvements. It’s also great PR when you talk about what your law firm will do to help support safety in your local area as well!

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