Your Web Content Should Give Clients What They Want at the Start

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In a recent study conducted on behalf of Google, a survey of 3,000 smartphone users in the U.S. reviewed the top reasons customers interact with businesses by calling them using click to call features on mobile devices.

Nearly 60 percent of calls were to get a quick answer about a question, which can mean several things, namely:

  • the business’ website didn’t provide critical information on the front page;
  • information is difficult to find on the business’ website; or
  • the information was not available on the business’ website.

These three issues are easily solved by knowing the critical information your potential clients are looking for and ensuring your web content provides that information in an easily-to-locate manner. But always make sure your phone number is available so users can simply click to call you if they want to talk to a representative at your office.

Lead with Your Most Important Web Content

Your home page is the first thing most clients see when they reach your website. On this page, you need to feature the most important information about your business. Depending on your industry, this can range from business hours to brands serviced/carried.

The Google survey found that most consumers who call a business directly from their website are asking about:

  • business hours (52 percent);
  • scheduling an appointment or reservation (51 percent);
  • inquiring about product or booking availability (47 percent);
  • inquiring about or comparing pricing (43 percent);
  • checking for promotions, deals or incentives (39 percent); or
  • getting directions (39 percent).

Most, if not all, of these inquiries can easily be provided with the right content on the home page. Some content such as business hours and directions are simple items to add to your layout, while others such as reservation scheduling may require additional forms and features to implement within your site content.

Make Your Web Content Easy To Find

One of the most useful tools to add to your business’ website is a Google custom search box. It’s simple code added by your webmaster to allow you to give visitors a way to search only within your site for the web content they’re looking for – and best of all, the basic search is free!

Of course, you need to make sure that the content visitors are searching for exists on your site. A robust content library is key to reducing the time it takes a visitor to find the information they’re looking for and decide to make that transition from visitor to client! If your web content includes the information they need with a compelling call to action you’ll be converting readers to clients – whether they call you or use your web forms.

We Do Web Content can help you get started just by filling out our contact form, but if you do like the traditional telephone method, give us a call today: 888-521-3880.