YouTube Adds Automated Captioning, Increases SEO Opportunities

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November 23, 2009 – Online video powerhouse YouTube, is taking a step to help make their videos more accessible to folks with hearing impairments in a move that also creates a valuable SEO opportunity for online marketers. YouTube, through Google, will begin offering English-only automated captioning on their videos using the same speech recognition software used for Google Voice.

While the auto-captioning hasn’t been perfected yet, the Google teams think large improvements will be made in the near future. For online marketers, having text appear on their online videos will also help their SEO efforts as the keywords can be scanned and used by search engines looking for relevant SEO content.

With the intense popularity of online video combined with the opportunity for search engines to detect SEO keywords and content, the online video industry might see another significant boost next year as marketers refine their scripts and get more video online.

The initial auto-captioning for YouTube will appear on videos through 13 of YouTube’s partner channels before expanding site-wide.

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