How Can You Benefit from the Recent YouTube Google+ Comments Integration

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On Thursday, November 7, 2013 Google+ comments went live on many YouTube Channels. One month prior Google announced YouTube comments were going to be powered by Google+ but most users had no idea what that meant. But after 48 hours of the integration, many users had to think differently as to how they were going to market their YouTube channel and content in general.

Many content creators like to add a YouTube video with their content. In fact, some copywriters, journalists and bloggers will upload a YouTube video of the week to describe what they have written. This may become even more powerful with the new Google+ comments integration.

How the Integration Works

GYoutube comment integration--1Google+ is the social layer of Google. Many not familiar with the social platform assume it is just like Facebook. While there are some similarities it is important to rememberGoogle+ is much more than just a social network; it is a social layer. It has been weaved into Android, Maps, Gmail, Blogger, Search and now YouTube. It probably won’t be long before every Google product has some type of Google+ integration.

When users watch a YouTube video and decide to comment, the new integration means they must have a Google+ account. When making the comment the user can share it with their followers on Google+. They can also share to a specific circle or to a community. This is where commenting on YouTube videos could be extremely valuable to those in the legal industry.

If you are a lawyer and you notice a video in your area of expertise, you may want to comment on the video. In the past, the comment would have been buried and very few people would have noticed. But with the new YouTube comments, users can comment and share this comment for all of their followers to see.

If you are a personal injury lawyer you may want to comment on a news video related to a slip and fall accident. You may want to clear up some of the confusion as it relates to the laws in your particular state. This is valuable to not only the user who uploaded the video but to your following on Google+ as well. When looking to grow your business, it stands to reason that more exposure on Google+ will be positive in the eyes of Google. This is something all professionals must consider when considering whether to comment on YouTube.

Comments are Not Always Public

While some attorneys will want to make comments public, others might want just their clients or associates to see them. Fortunately, Google+ comments allow users to select who can view them. It would be wise for users to create a business circle or an associate circle in which they can share professional content. This may include infographics, articles and YouTube videos.

Rather than having to copy the link of the YouTube video and send it via email, users can now just share the video to a circle from the YouTube comments section. Ultimately, this is the type of sharing Google prefers as emails are often left unopened and other types of sharing can be clunky.

Before making any comment on YouTube it is best to review who will be able to see the comment. When working with a business profile or personal profile that is a brand, respect and authority is extremely important, so keep this in mind as you post.

What can lawyers do to add content?

It is imperative that attorneys add content to their website. Lawyers can take some of their marketing time to promote that content via YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and other social outlets. It has been well-accepted that just “dropping links” on social networks is not the most effective way to grow a readership or an audience. It is better to build relationships and offer helpful information through those resources.

If an individual on Twitter needs assistance understanding what laws govern their state, it would be helpful for a lawyer to respond with a resource he or she created recently. If the attorney is not engaging with others, some social media users will see the account as spam. The “click through rate” on a spam Twitter or Facebook profile is almost zero. It is understandable that attorneys do not have a significant amount of time to devote to commenting on social media. If they can spend fifteen minutes to a half hour a week, it can go a long way.

This would be especially effective if they could make intelligent and educated comments on YouTube videos. For the first time, it is possible to include links in YouTube comments. This will allow professionals to illustrate their point in much more depth. They may use the comment to answer the question, but they can use a blog post or article on their website to go into greater detail. This is a strategy that has worked well for professionals that take the time to grow relationships on social networks. Building those powerful relationships on Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks could greatly help with word of mouth marketing.

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