YouTube Launches Channel Makeover and Movie Trailers Page

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Online video hub YouTube has introduced a few major changes this week that are meeting with mixed reviews. The first is a redesign of their channels pages, and while some channels are still sporting their traditional YouTube look, all channels will officially switch over to the new page design on July 15th.

Check out The White House’s new YouTube channel design.

The new look aims to give channels a more sophisticated feel, but many users are already complaining that they miss Youtube’s old look. An inevitable backlash as it seems that when any major platform creates big changes (ala Facebook), people either love it or hate it.

According to an article posted on Search Engine Watch, there are already 50,000 comments on Youtube’s blog about the channel redesigns.

Another exciting Youtube change is the launch of a page devoted to movie trailers. The page lets you select movies by genre as well as the most viewed trailers, latest trailers added to the page, and trailers for movies currently in theaters or opening soon.

What do you think of YouTube’s new channels look or movie trailer page?

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