Yvette’s Journal: Day 1 of Bruce Clay’s SEO Tool Set Training

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content marketing, seo tool kitSometimes you just have to rid your mind of what you’ve seen and heard and start fresh. That was yesterday’s theme – forget what you know or think you know and learn SEO the Bruce Clay way. It’s crazy, but Bruce has been around for a really long time. Longer than Google, even. He’s literally the granddaddy of SEO (no offense Bruce – you look great!). In other words, he knows his stuff. In fact, Bruce is pretty tight with some of the bigwigs at Google. He even has direct access to Google’s Web spam warrior, Matt Cutts.

Though we covered a lot of ground on Day 1, here are some important highlights:

1. Don’t be your site’s worst enemy. Just because you believe you’re doing everything right, doesn’t mean the search engines will agree. Remember, there are 200 variables in Google’s search algorithm. Chances are, we can all stand to improve upon one or more of those variables. So, do yourself a favor – stay open to advice and constructive feedback from your SEO regarding your digital marketing activities. It just might save your site!

2. There are some really talented people out there! That, or perhaps these same people have way too much time on their hands. Either way, check out this hilarious video by a young lad named Sam Applegate who created a mash up of Matt Cutts’ answers to once and for all answer the burning question of “How do I get my site to rank #1 on Google?”

3. Even the execs at Facebook believe in Bruce Clay’s SEO methodologies. It’s true! One of their content folks is also taking this training course.

4. Last, but certainly not least (Gosh, I just LOVE this one!)… SEO is NOT about rankings. It’s about traffic. Did everyone get that? I’ll say it again – SEO is NOT about rankings. It’s about traffic. “The job of an SEO is to get you targeted traffic. If you don’t get the traffic, SEO is wasted.” – Bruce Clay. So, let’s move beyond rankings, people!

Oh, and I also confirmed that I still stink at math. But… it was comforting to learn that most of the class stinks at it, too. Below is the brainteaser that turned our brains into mush.

Add 1000 to 10. Now add 40. Add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000. Add 20. Finally, add another 1000. How much do you have?

I invite you – no, I challenge you – to post your answer in the comments below.