Yvette’s Journal: Day 2 of Bruce Clay’s SEO Tool Set Training

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I can still see it clearly… the words “Work smarter, not harder” in purple scrolling slowly across my last boss’s black computer screen. That was at least 10 years ago. And, while the idea certainly made sense then, I often wondered how many times smarter actually won over harder. Let’s face it, when you’re in the thick of working, you can easily overlook “smart” solutions that can make your job easier.

My team and I work tirelessly to manually research keywords, analyze competitors, and make educated guesses about audience demographics. We spend countless hours determining the effort (number of pages needed) it’s going to take to edge our clients into the top 10 of the SERPs for any given keyword. And density? Don’t get me started on establishing keyword density!

Well, today, I was freed from working harder. The shackles are off. And, Bruce Clay’s SEO Tool Set has me revved up to work smarter. How could I not be? ONE TOOL will provide me with all this information in just a matter of seconds. I’m stoked beyond words, and can’t wait to train my team on how to use its reports to our clients’ advantage.

Here some highlights from yesterday’s session:

  1. Ranking is always wrong. This is not a coincidence – you heard this in yesterday’s entry. For one, each searcher is served up different results based on a number of factors, not just location. And two, Google does this thing called “grouping” so a single domain does not dominate page one of Google for a particular keyword. This can also mean that some of the domain’s ranked pages can drop from the results.
  2. If your keyword ranking has dropped, take your time researching why it did. Often times you’ll find that you may have gained solid rankings for other important keywords.
  3. Bruce Clay, Inc. likes to engage in cruel and unusual punishment. It’s hard enough staying on the healthy track while traveling. There’s really no need for this kind of temptation every afternoon!

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