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How We Brainstorm Content Ideas

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought.

Brainstorming happens on both a group and individual basis at WDWC. We run weekly brainstorming sessions for clients when we need fresh ideas for their editorial calendars. How exactly we will brainstorm for you will vary based on your business’s and target audience’s needs.

Topic. Audience. Type. Medium.

Using a variation of something we picked up from Jay Acunzo at HubSpot, we like to first define the parameters.

  1. What TOPIC are we looking to cover? Motorcycle Safety
  2. Who is the AUDIENCE? Novice Riders
  3. What TYPE of piece do we want (List, How To, Q&A, News, Opinion, Data, +) How To
  4. What is the MEDIUM (Article, PDF, SlideShare, Graphic, Video, Audio)? Article

With these limitations set down, somewhat ironically, it’s easier to come up with ideas. Examples:

  1. How to ride a big hog like a seasoned biker
  2. How to avoid road rash
  3. How and where to park your new beast (so it stays shiny and ticket-free)
  4. How to pick up chicks with a motorcycle
  5. How to stay alive and still have fun on a motorcycle

Don’t believe us? Try this little test from Chip and Dan Heath’s Made to Stick. Close your eyes and in the span of 15 seconds think of as many things as you can that are the color white. Ok, how many did you get? Now, try the same experiment, but name as many white objects as you can, but limit your thinking not to the universe, but just to your refrigerator.

Just about everyone that does this experiment can name more white items in their fridge than they can in the universe. The setting of parameters helps your mind as you brainstorm.

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Generate. Iterate. Evaluate. Prioritize.

When brainstorming, no idea is a bad idea. At least we don’t think so. We keep cranking topics out using previous ideas as stepping-stones and going off on tangents to create new thoughts. Our goal is to write out as many topics as we can.

When the tank runs dry, we use tactics like dropping new seeds into Twitter with searches for specific topics. We may throw in random words to spark ideas. Or, we may consider fitting the topic with a popular TV show / movie / entertainer / sports team. For example:

  1. How to Outfit Your Bike like the Sons of Anarchy
  2. How to Ride a Motorcycle Fast and Furious (and Safely!)

Tie-ins with trending content and dedicated fan bases can really pull in the eyeballs.

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