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Business Refresh

A Business Refresh is a fast and cost-effective way to revitalize your online presence and overall business.

Here is what a package would usually include:

WDWC Mobile ResultsMobile-friendly Development

More and more people are using a mobile device to search for the services they need, and Google now prefers websites that are properly optimized for display on mobile devices. Is yours?

We will port or recreate your site using responsive design techniques that allow it to display perfectly on any screen, no matter the size. Your customers will love it, and Google will rank it higher. Converting to mobile-friendly will generally save or gain you 20% to 50% of your organic traffic.

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Content Enhancement

You can pay to have someone push leads to you or you can build content that attracts your clients directly. Building the right content is much more cost effective and gives you a bit more control over the leads you’re bringing in, so which would you prefer?

We will generate a monthly feed of professional content to enhance your authority and ranking for crucial keywords. We thoroughly research, fact-check, and edit our content so it builds your authority in your industry and reaches the clients you want to reach.

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A woman from California said to me that she loved our website. It was filled with information that she couldn’t find anywhere else on the Web. That was an amazing compliment.

Re-branding Your Image

What is your brand saying about you? How do potential clients view you? We will work with you to evaluate your current brand, what it says to potential clients, what you want it to say, and which changes you can make to reach that goal. magnetThis might require small changes to your look and general web presentation, or it could extend all the way to new colors and an enhanced logo.

Lead Generation

eBooks. How-To Guides. Tip Sheets. White Papers. Premium digital products can both help a customer and entice them to give you their contact information. It’s a win-win situation. We create and implement this content into your marketing plan to help you grab leads that convert to clients. Plus, downloaders are six times more likely to buy!  Would you like to learn more about refreshing your business?