At WDWC, we consider ourselves a full-service destination. Our assistance falls broadly into four areas of expertise


SEO & Content Writing

  • Technical SEO
  • Outreach & Link Building
  • Landing Pages, Articles, & Blog Posts

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Content Strategy

  • Strategic Site Reviews
  • Market Domination Planning
  • Content Brainstorming Sessions

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Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Magnet Programs

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Web Development

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Business Refresh Site Redesign packages
  • Landing Page & LeadBox Design

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If there is something we do not have the expertise to handle in-house, we can recommend, oversee, and work with third parties.

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Additional Content and Marketing Services


Content Rehab

It’s likely that by now you’ve caught wind of the changes to search during the past few months. First, Google ramped up the percentage of organic keywords not shown to site owners and their marketers from about 70 percent to 100. Read More…

Content for Lawyers

Take a good look at your website’s content – if it reads more like a biography than a helpful consumer guide, you’re going about it all wrong! Learn how your legal website’s content can help you increase relevant traffic, generate leads and convert your visitors. Read More…


Medical Website Design and Content

Finding time to write content for a medical website can be quite difficult for many medical professionals and their staff. After spending valuable time with patients throughout the day, there might be little opportunity to address business concerns after hours – especially upkeep of a website and web presence. Read More

Blog Writing

Do you want to reach new clients with interesting blog topics? Don’t have the time for writing blog posts yourself? No problem! You have a business to run, and writing blog posts – especially SEO blog writing – is not necessarily where you should be spending your own time and energy Read More…


e-Book Ghost Writing

Are you tired of struggling with ways to generate viable leads from your website? Would you like to have your website’s visitors requesting information from YOU? Offer your prospective clients a free eBook without writing it yourself! Take advantage of our eBook service and reap the benefits of this powerful marketing tool that is sure to increase your Web leads! Read More…

Newsletter Creation & Writing

Ready to stop agonizing over the cost of printing and mailing marketing materials? Ready to put an end to figuring out whether “this former client or “that business partner is worth the expense? Just because you don’t have any ideas for your company newsletter doesn’t mean you should go another minute without one! Read More…


Local Business Listing Optimization

For a busy professional, there’s a real temptation to put these tasks at the bottom of the “To Do list (or pawn them off on the intern). But consider this: if you’re not taking advantage of the free listings with local search engine submission your business is missing out on some OUTSTANDING marketing opportunities! Read More…


Online Article Marketing

If you’re reading this page you’ve probably discovered that your current content marketing efforts just aren’t cutting it. Suddenly your website has hit a plateau but you don’t understand why. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to do, like: writing quality content for your website; optimizing each page with relevant keywords without overdoing it; and you’ve done a great job at sticking to a weekly posting schedule. So why isn’t it working?! Read More…


SEO Copywriting Services

Do you know who your perfect client is and what information they are searching for on the Web? If you’ve answered no to either question, you’ve come to the right place! Find out how our SEO Copywriting services can bring your business to the next level. Creating original content is hard work, but it is critical for any successful SEO content marketing campaign. Read More…


Social Media Marketing

What excuse do you make when asked for the name of your Facebook business page or your business’s Twitter handle-and you haven’t got one? Right now, potential clients are asking their friends about your services, but unless you’ve incorporated an effective Facebook and Twitter management strategy into your marketing campaign you are missing out on the benefits of social media marketing and giving your competitors the upper hand. Read More…

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