How Lawyers Can Create Videos That People Find and Watch (and That Convert!)

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how to create law firm videos


A good video series can do a lot for a law firm. It can:

  • Reach people in search and social media.
  • Help with branding and awareness in the community.
  • Improve perceptions of the firm’s authenticity, competence, and helpfulness.
  • Drive people to the firm’s website.
  • Help convert viewers into clients.

But if you are interested in creating videos, make sure you do it right. Incorporate your videos as part of your overall content strategy. Do some research and planning before you throw money at a video campaign for YouTube and/or your website. It’ll help make sure the money you spend on creating the videos goes farther.

What should my law firm videos be about?

Most lawyers realize that writing content for a website requires good keyword and topic research. So too does creating videos. Rather than producing videos about topics you think your visitors want or need to know, research what they’re searching for. Then create videos around those topics.

Google shuttered the YouTube Keyword Tool last year. It now recommends the Display Planner in AdWords. You could also use Google Trends and YouTube Trends to see what people are searching for, which could lead you to news stories related to your field of law. BuzzSumo might also help you find topics that are performing well on social media.

Good, old fashioned keyword research can help too. SEMrush and other tools give you insight to what terms people use to search for the information they want.

Because your videos are part of your content strategy, you can also think of videos as a way to add value to a page. They might describe local filing processes if your practice area page is targeting a specific area. Or they might add value to a page that is already getting a lot of traffic, improving the user experience. Let your keyword research, overall content strategy, and ongoing data analysis guide you.

How do I create a legal video that is worth watching?

Here are some general guidelines to follow as you start creating your video.

  • Meet expectations: Make sure the title of your video and its description matches what the video is about. Nothing will send viewers to the back button faster than a video that is about something they did not intend to watch. YouTube looks at watch time as a key ranking factor – if your video isn’t meeting expectations you created in your title, people aren’t going to watch for long.


  • Be detailed: Your keyword research should give you an idea of the information people want to know about the topic. If you find people are searching for information about a particularly confusing law, create an outline of everything you think people need to know about that law. Be detailed, but explain in plain English, not legalese.


  • Length: The topic of the video will affect the length, of course. But try to keep it less than five minutes. Less than three minutes might even be a better benchmark. People searching for legal information may have a longer attention span than a general viewer, but anything more than a few minutes could lose their attention.


  • Video production: You don’t have to visit a studio to make your videos, but give some weight to production value and video editing. Make sure the lighting is good and audio is clear. A simple video of you sitting at your desk and talking into the camera can be very authentic, but make sure it does not look or feel too amateur.

Do I need to optimize my law firm videos?

Yes. Jim Yu recently wrote a good article about video optimization for Search Engine Land. Check it out – the points he makes apply to lawyer videos too.

The gist of the article is this: Create videos that viewers want to watch and find useful. Then make sure Google and YouTube know what the video is about (this helps it perform well in search). Optimize the title and description and use good tags. A transcript of the video or close captions can further increase the video’s value. You can even include a call to action in your video that could drive users to other videos on your YouTube channel, or even back to your website.

So put the necessary research and effort into creating videos for your website and YouTube channel. It’ll make sure the money you put into the videos goes farther.

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