Eight Easy Peasy Blogging Strategies

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easy blogging strategies

Eight easy to start blogging strategies

Blogging is still essential to SEO and you should be blogging as often as you can. However, blogging requires a plan of attack. Below are eight reasons why you should be blogging followed by eight easy peasy blogging strategies.

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1.use the news

You should sign up for local news alerts and then cite and give your opinion on a news piece that would interest your readers. Make sure you are using a credible news source and link back to the original article. This is a great strategy as it keeps your clients up-to-date and shows that you are too.

You might not be able to get a post up that day, but do it as quickly as possible and make sure you explain how it might affect your readers.


  • Good for SEO
  • Linking to reputable source
  • Affordable and quick

2. Curate your content

Find the most popular content (blog, article, image, infographic, etc.) in your niche using a REDDIT or BuzzSumo and aggregate it together to create a new piece of content. Introduce your topic and use each article as a subheadline. Make sure you use an image for each and always give credit to the original article.


  • Linking to reputable colleagues in your niche
  • Spreading the love for influencers and curating content for your viewers that is relevant to their queries in one page

3. reach out to industry influencers

Get a few experts in your niche to give you a short answer to a specific question your readers would be interested. Aggregate these questions and answers into one post.

Make sure you write a catchy headline and introduce your question. Make sure to get a good headshot from each expert and align it next to his or her answer.

Don’t forget to link to each expert’s website as well.


  • Creating a relationship with an influencer
  • Good SEO value
  • Creating new and educational dynamic content your viewers may be asking for
  • Looks cool
  • Makes you look like an authority

4. a video is worth a million words

Let’s face it; sometimes videos are just more interesting than words. Find a topic, do your research, find a video, create a kick-ass headline, and embed the video in your blog. Make sure to add your own unique analysis underneath the video.

Feel free to combine the news, aggregate, and influencer blog post strategies to make your post a winning one. Always remember to cite the creator of the video.

Rather make your own video than use someone else’s? Go for it.

I tell my clients and followers if you can’t write or don’t have the time to write a blog post, take a few minutes and create a short video. The video can be an FAQ, your opinion on a topic, etc. This shouldn’t be too time-consuming, just make sure it looks professional.


  • Using video is great for the user experience
  • Video helps decrease bounce rate
  • Quick to create
  • Good for SEO

5. use interviews

Reach out to influencers and experts in your area for an interview. A client interview or case study would be good content to post as well. Your interview can be solely text, a recorded phone call using join.me, or a video interview.

Be warned: an interview blog post takes more research and more time to prepare. Make sure you prepare by researching your subject and learn as much as you can about him. The last thing you want to do is ask him a question that you could have found through a quick Google search.

Get all your questions written down ahead of time and send them to your subject. Be sure to include your takeaways from the interview.

If you’re using video, you may want to have a professional edit it. Try using a service like Fiverr for video, audio editing, and transcriptions.

Be sure you tag your subject in your social media posts and remember to thank him for taking the time out.


  • Show expertise
  • User experience
  • Good for SEO

6. Curate quotes

Research quotes from experts and provide a brief analysis of each. Have fun with the quotes and create images of each quote with Canva. Canva is great for creating images for blog posts, social media, and banners.

Make sure you cite the experts and tag them in your social media post.

  • Creating a relationship with an influencer/expert
  • Good SEO value
  • Creating new and educational dynamic content your viewers may be asking for
  • Looks cool and the edited images will look like you spent more time than you did

7. the numbers don’t lie; use statistics

Create a post that answers a number of questions with aggregated statistics or an awesome infographic. Adding statistics in your blog can make it seem more authoritative. Infographics are great for showing numbers and can be social media gold.

For an attorney, using client case studies can be a good way to display statistics. Including statistics in your blog post ends the argument on a specific subject because the numbers do not lie. A headline or subject line will seem more persuasive with a number attached to it. Which of the below headlines would appeal more to you?

  1. “Hiring a family lawyer has shown to be a more effective way to collect child support.”
  2. “Hiring a family lawyer increases your chances of collecting child support by 40%.”
Not a real stat.


  • Shows authority
  • Social sharing
  • Informative/educational
  • User experience
  • Interesting way to share information

8. The lowdown on How-To Blog Posts

As we stated earlier, a video is worth a million words, especially when it comes to how-tos. Think about it; when you look up how to do something, would you rather read instructions or watch a video?

If you are in a pinch you can research one that has already been created; however, creating your own video allows you to re-purpose your content. When creating the post on your how to video make sure you introduce the video, describe it, discuss it, and show takeaways. You might also want to include a transcription of the video.

Research a specific topic in your niche that your clients or users may be asking about. For example, check out this one I made on creating an audience on Facebook. If you’re an attorney, for example, a great how-to video could be “What to Do if You’re Stopped for a DUI.”


  • Delivers dynamic education content
  • Good for SEO
  • Repurpose content
  • Shows expertise
  • Decreases bounce rate

Remember before you create any content for your website make sure you’ve outlined and developed a content strategy. It doesn’t hurt to have an audit of your website to make sure it is technically sound for SEO and search engines. Creating content that no one can find will be a waste.

For help developing a content strategy or done-for-you blogging, contact us now. We have low-cost quick start packages.

Check out the SlideShare deck from our webinar SEO Blogging Strategies for Law Firms.