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The Importance of Social Media for your business

What excuse do you make when asked for the name of your Facebook business page or your business’s Twitter handle-and you haven’t got one? What about Google plus? Have you created a G+ page? 

Right now, potential clients are asking their friends about your services, but unless you’ve incorporated an effective Facebook and Twitter management strategy into your marketing campaign you are missing out on the benefits of social media marketing and giving your competitors the upper hand.

The days when companies could simply broadcast advertisements are gone. The digital age has yielded a new hegemony of marketing platforms, and the businesses savvy enough to leverage the explosive, “viral” power of these social media outlets have already begun to reap lucrative benefits.

A recent study on the effectiveness of social media found that companies active in social media enjoyed revenue growth of over 18%, while those who did not market themselves through social media suffered a 6% decrease in business.

Clear Marketing Objectives that Promote Your Business

While social networking can never replace your website, SEO content, or pay per click strategies, it is one of the largest traffic drivers on the internet. If you are not actively promoting your company in the social sphere, you are practically handing money over to your competition.

Both small businesses and global conglomerates – and everything in between – have utilized effective Facebook and Twitter management to successfully:

  • Address customer service concerns;
  • Demonstrate industry expertise by posting relevant content;
  • Engage users by asking questions and creating a forum that promotes company-client dialogue;
  • Generate interest by linking to breaking news stories in your industry;
  • Maintain a clear, trusted, and official line of communication with followers.

Dominate Search Engine Results

An active social media presence for your brand will not only work for your business on the platforms you engage, but can also help you crush the competition on highly coveted “page one” Google search rankings for keywords related to your industry.

Your social media profile will act as a conduit, funneling users from your social pages to your main website. The majority of the most competitive social platforms collect data that will empower you with information about what keywords are driving business to your site, who is talking about your company, and what they’re saying. These tools are vital to helping you address concerns, improve content, discover what your clients want, and boost the overall performance of your company’s Web presence.

You might already be on the Web, but our Facebook and Twitter management expertise will put you on the map.