We Do Web ContentCan I Write My Own Content?

Can I Write My Own Content?

Unless you are very familiar with how to write and edit for the Internet as well as have extensive knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, we strongly suggest that you do not write your own web content.

While there are people out there (our clients included!) who are decent writers, they are often unable to write specifically for their target audience, i.e. – lawyers may know how to write well for other lawyers but not potential clients, or are unable to write convincingweb content that successfully combines engaging information with marketing copy. Additionally, writing an article for a newspaper or even a printed newsletter is completely different than how a piece of web content needs to be formatted and edited for Internet readability.

We also commonly find that business owners do not have the time to constantly create the amount of SEO content they need for their website. Blogs should be posted daily or at least 10-12 times a week. Articles should also be posted weekly as search engines look for continuously added fresh content when determining the overall value of your website.

If you are determined to write your own web content and are looking for a company to help you edit and optimize that content, We Do Web Content may be able to help you by setting up an “editing and optimizing only” contract, although when customers have attempted to go this route in the past they quickly discovered that writing 10-40 blogs and articles per week was more than they could handle. That being said, we are more than willing to help you and come up with an optimizing solution for your website.
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