We Do Web ContentCan You Add Me to Local Directories?

Can You Add Me to Local Directories?

If a client has not previously set up accounts for their business(es)/websites on local directories, We Do Web Content will be happy to set up your listings on Google, Yahoo, and/or Yelp.

In addition to simply claiming these default listings for your business(es), We Do Web Content will enhance your local search impact with keyword-rich SEO content, links to your website, customized keyword-rich categories, and if provided by the client, a company logo and/or online video. It’s important to remember that publishing a public listing online is an important (and searchable) marketing opportunity and should be created with search engine optimization in mind!

Having an SEO rich presence in local search is critical for every business that is confined to their geographic location, i.e. retail stores, attorneys, medical practices, and so on. Creating local listings that include your SEO keywords along with valuable links and information about your business is crucial in directing your local target audience to your website and physical location.

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