We Do Web ContentDo You Offer Social Media Management?

Do You Offer Social Media Management?

At We Do Web Content, we are happy to offer our clients social media management services including setting up Facebook fan pages, Linkedin and Twitter accounts.

In addition to establishing your social media profile(s), our social media management services include (but are not limited to):

* Writing a company or personal bio* Uploading and formatting a resume
* Linking blogs to social accounts
* Linking social accounts to one another
* Updating your profiles on a regular basis

The pricing for our social media services will depend on our specific level of involvement in the ongoing maintainence of the profile, how many hours per week you wish to dedicate to each social network, and how many social networks you would like us to manage among other considerations.

For a customized price quote and more information on how We Do Web Content’s social media management services can help expand your online marketing goals, contact us today!