We Do Web ContentHow Do You Price Your Content?

How Do You Price Your Content?

At We Do Web Content, we create a customized SEO content plan for each client’s needs and budget. The way our content pricing is set up is based on the amount of content you purchase. Since we sell our SEO content in bulk, the more content you purchase overall, the less you pay for each piece individually.
Each of our clients has their own specific content needs depending on their existing website, online marketing goals, current CTR (click-through rates) and conversion rates, and their financial resources. We pride ourselves on being able to create affordable, customized SEO content packages for every budget. This ensures that your resources (regardless of size) are used in the best possible way to address the areas of your website that need them the most.

Since our per-piece-pricing is dependent on the SEO content package you purchase, we don’t have a flat rate for each type of web content we provide, however, our prices typically range from:

* $90-$150 per piece, for customized articles, blogs, and FAQs* $295-$395 per page, for main top level category pages, including the home page and practice area pages

Once again, these are very general pricing guidelines and individual pieces may cost more or less than the prices listed above depending on the amount of content you purchase as well as the complexity of the subject, and how much research we will need to undertake to successfully write on that topic.

For your custom price quote, as well as exact pricing for our additional SEO content services, including:

* E-Books* Newsletters
* Bios
* Social Media Management
* Content Repurposing and Optimizing
* and Online Press Releases

please contact We Do Web Content today.  We are more than happy to create a customized SEO content package for your website within your online marketing budget!