We Do Web ContentHow Does Google Rank My Website?

How Does Google Rank My Website?

Google page rankings are based on a combination of content, SEO keywords, inbound and outbound links, and Google’s patented PageRank algorithm among other constantly changing factors.
When you create the content for your Web pages or optimize your existing content for search engine purposes, you will need to be aware of On-page ranking factors as well what PageRank will be scanning your Web pages for.
Examples of On-Page ranking factors include: 
*SEO Keywords

*Titles and sub-headings

*Heading and alt tags


*Links (both who is linking to your web page and who your page is linking to)

When Google send its spiders to crawl through your website’s content, they willdetermine your Web page’s ranking based on: 
*What keywords are used
*Where the keywords are used on the page
*The amount of times each keyword is used
*The proximity of keywords, and so on.
Google’s PageRank algorithm and hypertext-matching analysis uses these factors as well as how long your website has existed, and the PageRank of your links (both inbound and outbound) to help decide your web page’s “importance” for searchable keywords and phrases.

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