We Do Web ContentHow Much Content Does My Website Need?

How Much Content Does My Website Need?

Updating your website with organic SEO web content is a great way to drive traffic to your site, but how much content do you need?
Since every business is different, and has specific needs based on their industry, brands, and services, WeDOwebContent works hand-in-hand with every company we partner with to create the type and amount of SEO content that will get your web pages picked up by search engines and generate new clients.

Buying Content in Bulk Saves You Time and Money

We sell our SEO content packages in bulk which saves you money while providing you with a large amount of quality content for your site. Our packages start at 100 pieces of content and up, including packages of a 1,000 pieces or more.   

Larger companies that already have a good amount of content but require updates for maintenance and an improved search engine ranking might choose an option that delivers a few hundred pieces each quarter.

smaller company or start-up looking to get their website off the ground and establish their search engine marketing may choose a package that delivers a 1,000 pieces of web content over 6 months.

Content Diversity is Key

While a 1,000 pieces of content may sound like a lot, packages include multiple options such as articles, blogs, landing pages, frequently asked questions, definitions, service descriptions, and so on that ensure your overall content is diversified and effective.

Since all of the content we create for our clients is search engine optimized for the Web,all of your individual pages will help drive traffic to your website through search results and high page rankings. Imagine having over a 1,000 pages of content all working behind the scenes to market your company!

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