We Do Web ContentIf I Purchase Content, Do You Own the Content or Do I Own It?

If I Purchase Content, Do You Own the Content or Do I Own It?

Unlike some other SEO content providers, any web content you purchase through We Do Web Content belongs to you. This is an important benefit to our clients as there are web content companies out there who retain the copyrights to their content, meaning if you end a contract early, they have the legal right to take their content off of your website.

At We Do Web Content, the SEO content you purchase belongs to you. If you decide to end a contract early, you will retain the ownership rights to any content you have paid for until that point and we will not attempt to “reclaim” that web content from you. Before signing any contract that outsources your web content needs, it’s important for you to know who ultimately owns that content as the removal of web content could seriously damage the success and search engine positioning of your website.

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