We Do Web ContentIs All of Your SEO Content Original Content?

Is All of Your SEO Content Original Content?

All of the SEO content We Do Web Content provides for our clients is 100% original content that is further customized through strategic keywords based on each business type, geographic location, and other factors.

We Do Web Content will never reuse or plagiarize web content that already appears online and guarantees that all of the SEO content we create for each client is written, edited, and optimized specifically for their website. Duplicate content (content that already appears online) is highly penalized by search engines and will not help you achieve higher search engine rankings or help you appear in the search engine results for your targeted keywords, therefore it would not benefit We Do Web Content as a business or you as a client to reuse web content for multiple websites.

To help ensure that all of the SEO content we deliver to our clients is 100% originial content, We Do Web Content scans all of the content submitted by our writers through the Copyscape plagiarism checker before we begin the editing process.

Websites that offer “free content” are giving away web content that already appears on hundreds or possibly thousands of other websites and will do nothing to help your search engine placement. Make sure any content you post on your website is 100% original to avoid search engine penalties and possible copyright violations.