We Do Web ContentWhat Does “Organic Search” Mean?

What Does “Organic Search” Mean?

The term “organic search” refers to the natural search engine results that appear for any given query. These are separate from the “paid search” or “sponsored” search engine results that also appear after each search is processed through the search engine.

When you buy a keyword or phrase in order to appear in the search results for that topic, your listing will appear in the sponsored or paid search results and are labeled as such. Organic search engine results are the most relevant search engine results for that query as selected by the search engine. It goes without saying that search results that appear organically are viewed as more relevant and trustworthy than the websites that are paying top dollar to be included alongside those organic search results.

When you optimize your web content to appear in organic search engine results, you are telling potential readers that your SEO content provides valuable information about their search topic, not that you paid a search engine to appear there regardless of the quality of information connected to that link.

Organic vs paid

The best part of optimizing your web content is the ability for your links and website to naturally show up in the search engine results for your keywords without paying thousands of dollars for sponsored links. If you do not have the time, writing skills, or SEO knowledge to create your own SEO content, contact We Do Web Content today to receive a custom price quote and learn more about our SEO copywriting services.


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