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What is a Blog?

Blogs, or web logs, are short entries posted on an online forum where a writer (or several writers) can share thoughts, feelings, experiences, and/or media with their readers. Unlike articles, blogs are designed for writer and reader interaction by allowing you to share information and giving your readers the opportunity to comment on what you have posted. Blogs are great for website promotion as well as increasing your company’s search engine ranking and optimizing your online marketing efforts.

Business Uses For Blogs

Blogs are a great way for businesses to interact with their customers by:

  • informing them of new company changes or products
  • product or business reviews
  • news articles (about the company specifically or the industry as a whole)
  • special promotions and sales
  • awards
  • appearances at tradeshows or conferences
  • and many other options!

Blog Terminology

Below are some common terms that you should be familiar with when writing or reading a blog:

RSS – Commonly translated as “Really Simple Syndication”, RSS feeds are an easy way for your readers to receive updates when you post a new blog. Users can “subscribe” to your RSS feed, which in turn will be automatically sent to their RSS reader (aka – feedreader or aggregator) and include the full or summarized text of your post along with metadata, who posted the blog, etc.

Permalink – This unchangeable URL is great for blogs and other SEO content areas that are constantly being updated. Through permalinks, a reader can always find a specific blog entry they enjoyed reading no matter how far down it gets pushed on the page or moved to an archive section.

Trackback – One of several ways to link blog posts, Trackbacks allow you to notify other blog authors that you have posted a new blog. They can also be used to create a blog post on your forum that is commenting on a blog post from another forum.

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