We Do Web ContentWhat is a Bounce Rate?

What is a Bounce Rate?

The term “bounce rate” refers to the number of people who only view the landing page (whatever web page they land on) of your website before “bouncing” (leaving) the site entirely.

Websites or web pages that have a high bounce rate can indicate that visitors are not finding the information they were looking for when they clicked onto that page. A bounce rate over 35% (meaning 35% of your visitors are not clicking through to another part of your website) signifies that you need to evaluate the quality of your web page and make changes that will encourage visitors to spend more time on your website.

Common Causes of a High Bounce Rate Include:

The web page does not have relevant content (this can be attributed to the wrong SEO keywords leading people to the page or just incomplete, vague, or poorly written content)
The web page has serious design flaws that makes the content hard to read or navigation difficult
The web page is a giant ad with no actual content

While there are many potential reasons why your website has a high bounce rate, it’s important to take this information seriously and begin taking a good look at the design, web content, and SEO keywords for your website.

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