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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page on your website that Internet users are directed to when clicking on an advertisement (like a PPC ad) or a search engine result link. If you are involved in a Pay Per Click campaign, you will be the one who decides what page of your website you want potential customers to “land on” when they click on that ad.

In search engine optimization, every page of your website is a potential landing page, meaning that the SEO keywords and content created for the specific page are designed to appear in relevant search engine results and direct Internet users to that page.

The most important aspect of a landing page is it’s relevant content. Whether you are designating the landing page, or choosing the SEO keywords that will create a potential landing page, that specific page must contain clear, engaging, relevant SEO content that directly relates to the keywords and phrases used to find it, or speak directly to what is mentioned in the PPC advertisement.

Landing pages that do not contain relevant content and easy navigation have incredibly high bounce rates and do not inspire customers to click through to other pages on your website that may lead to a sale.

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