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What is a Real-Time Search Engine?

Most people are familiar with common search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing, which create relevant search results based on keywords, sponsored search results, page rankings, and other factors.

Real-time search engines focus entirely on the most recent SEO content that features the keywords a person is searching for at that very moment. These types of search engines can pull data from traditional websites and blogs, but also focus largely on social networking posts that mention these terms.

The idea behind real-time search is to help people get the most up-to-the-minute information on the subject they are seeking information about. A search on Google for about Iraq for example, will result in a variety of Wikipedia entries, news articles, and other websites that may contain content written days, weeks, or even years prior. Some or all of the information in these types of articles may not reflect the specific information the searcher was looking for.

An identical search in a real-time search engine like Scoopler, Collecta, Topsy, One Riot and Itpints, will show the very latest content uploaded to the Internet with the keyword Iraq, including just published tweets, blogs, and the like. While these items are the most recent, they are not always the most relevant, as the term Iraq on its own can be used a variety of comments and circumstances.

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