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What is a Vlog?

Vlogging, or video blogging, is a form of blogging using video as the medium to communicate. Vlogs can be combined with text, images, and other metadata.Vlogs can be syndicated over the web for easy distribution via a RSS feed. They can also be played on mobile devices and personal computers as a video podcast.

Popularity of vlogging increased in 2005, though vlogs appeared on websites as early as 2000. When the popular video sharing site, YouTube, was launched in the fall of 2005, vlogging took off. Video camera features on mobile phones  allow publishing of video content to the Web almost instantaneously.
Businesses are using vlogs as an additional opportunity to connect with consumers and build buzz for new products. Corporations such as Dell, Google, Ford Motor Company, and JetBlue are examples of businesses that have vlogged.

A recent survey of 400 marketing and media executives indicated that two-thirds of them plan to use online video as an important part of their marketing strategies this year. One marketing executive has stated that he uses vlogs to:

  1. Entertain people
  2. Inform people
  3. Represent and build the brand
  4. Serve as a creative outlet for the business’s employees

Vlogging should be one component in your marketing strategy which can also include online press releases, participation in social media networking sites, and SEO copywriting.
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View an example of one of our client’s vlogs.