We Do Web ContentWhat is an E-Book?

What is an E-Book?

E-books (also spelled eBooks), are typically short, electronic books that can easily be downloaded from a website, emailed, or stored on a disc. E-books for online marketing purposes are a fantastic way to show off your expertise and produce valuable content for your clients that can also help promote your website and your brand.

E-book Length and Subject

E-books tend to be rather short, ranging from 10-20 pages. This means your E-book should focus in on a specific niche of information and explore that topic. If there are several topics you are an expert on, you can create several different E-books that focus on each one.

The most successful E-books cover information that people are already searching for. Of course, your E-book should directly speak to the type of business you are running and your industry. Think about the questions you are asked the most by your customers and create a helpful guide or use your expertise to create a E-book that covers helpful information on your industry that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Branding and Website Promotion

By providing a free E-book on your website, you can generate free leads for your business, share valuable information with potential customers which in turn convinces them to purchase your services, and create an area of interest to promote along with your website. For example, offering online visitors a free E-book as an incentive for visiting your blog will typically get more positive responses then just telling Internet users that you have a website.

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