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What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed, also known as “rich site summary” or “really simple syndication”, is an online format that allows those who subscribe to it to receive information from their favorite websites as the information is updated (i.e. – a new blog post) without having to physically visit that website. The information is delivered directly to you in a standardized format.

Most blogs and many other websites that feature constantly updated information, like news websites, etc. will have an option to “subscribe” to their RSS Feed. These options will commonly appear as icons on the websites themselves, and contain acronyms such as RSSXML, or RDF.

In order to read RSS Feeds you will need to some kind of RSS readerFeedReader, or other aggregator software. These are readily available for computer desk tops, Internet usage, and for mobile devices.

Once you establish your own blog you can create your own RSS Feed and let your fans subscribe to your site!