We Do Web ContentWhat is Anchor Text?

What is Anchor Text?

The term anchor text refers to the actual text in a piece of web content that contains a hyperlink. Technically, any term that is connected to a hyperlink is that link’s anchor text. When people refer to anchor text for SEO purposes, they are stressing the importance of the words you choose to connect to that link.

The anchor text of a link is important for several reasons. The text in that link affects SEO on both ends, meaning for the website the link appears on as well as the webpage that link is sending people to. Using strong keywords as anchor text will increase the ranking of your SEO (and the SEO of the page you are linking to), and conversely, poorly chosen anchor text can hurt SEO efforts.
Below are examples of both good and poor uses of anchor text.

Poor use of anchor text:

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Good use of anchor text:

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In the poor example, the words “click here” are not searchable keywords, which basically wastes the link opportunity you have created. In the good example, the anchor text is “SEO copywriting”, which not only refers to the page the hyperlink will take you to, but is also an excellent and highly searched key term.

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