We Do Web ContentWhat is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique where your content is written with specific keywords, in a persuasive manner (using words or offers that drive a specific behavior or action) and targeted to attract your ideal clients.  In other words, content marketing is selling your services and expertise to a client without sounding like a sales pitch.
Properly written Web content as part of your law firm marketing strategy can boost your site’s search engine rankings and provide your potential new clients with the information they’re looking for while convincing them to contact you to learn more.

Content marketing can be thought of as law firm marketing in disguise. In typical lawyer advertising, you talk about your services and provide your contact information, which can annoy potential clients if you come across as too harsh, too “sales-y,” or even worse, come across as an “ambulance chaser”.

With content marketing, you provide potential clients with quality information that addresses their needs and interests. This is a less abrasive approach to getting clients because you give them the freedom to research their issue on their own and give them the opportunity to get even more great information if they contact you.

Content marketing also helps to weed out the types of cases you don’t want to work on. Either way, you win! The clients who benefit from the information you provide are prompted to contact your office to get more information about their case, and the potential clients you’re not interested in can learn from your content that you may not be the best lawyer to handle their claim (or lack of a claim).

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